VERSA-OUT System Boosts Oil Production 15%, Exceeding Customer Expectations, Gabon

Published: 03/06/2019

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VERSAPRO and VERSA-OUT system properties table.
Following drilling, cleaning, and completion operations, no remedial work was required, resulting in rig time and cost savings for the operator. Because of the successful operation, the operator plans to run other applications in West Africa to treat, dissolve, and dismantle VERSAPRO system filtercakes using VERSA-OUT system technology.
West Africa, Gabon, Africa, Offshore

Well type: Oil producer

TD: 8,328 ft [2,539 m]

Bottomhole static temperature: 190 degF [88 degC]

Permeability: 50–100 mD

Completion type: 7-in [17.8-cm] slotted liner

Breaker fluid density: 1.05 sg at 8.7 lbm/galUS


An operator sought to improve oil production from a development field offshore Gabon. After laboratory tests, M-I SWACO proposed using the VERSA-OUT water-based filtercake breaker system in the open hole for filtercake treatment of the VERSAPRO invert-emulsion reservoir drill-in fluid system. When the well was placed on production after treatment, oil production exceeded the operator’s highest expectations by more than 15%.

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