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Interim Production Facility Enables Early Startup

Published: 03/16/2022

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Production ExPRESS rapid production response solutions

Using domain expertise and the extensive Production ExPRESS rapid production response solutions portfolio, Schlumberger designed, mobilized, and commissioned an interim production facility. The setup used existing and partially customized well testing equipment for oil degassing while ensuring all operator objectives and safety standards were met. The package also included enhanced fluid treatment to ensure degassed oil met specific criteria for further processing at the facility. The process was continuously monitored, ensuring efficient heat and separation was achieved and delivering oil to the plant in its desired condition. Production ExPRESS solutions managed and processed 2,000 bbl/d of oil production, received from an offshore platform to an onshore facility. This enabled the operator to start up the plant earlier to achieve cash flow objectives, as well as bring seven wells to production earlier and provided 1 year of continuous flow—resulting in 1.5 million barrels of total oil production.

Congo, Africa

Reliable and cost-efficient commissioning of new facilities is a complex and challenging exercise that can often result in timeline delays to start up production. An operator’s oil processing plant in the Republic of the Congo had already been commissioned except for the degassers section that was under construction. The operator wanted to start up the plant earlier while waiting for the gas processing units. To do this, the operator needed a temporary solution with the capabilities of a processing plant that could bypass the sections under construction.

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