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High-force anchor–linear actuator jars a stuck fish

Published: 05/15/2023

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Jars are often used in fishing operations to free tools that become stuck downhole. A jar’s energy to free the “fish” comes from either stored energy in a cable of sufficient length, or a downhole accelerator. In horizontal wells or other wells with limited overpull, it may not be possible to apply enough force, or tension, to fire the jar using the cable.

Image of shear rings broken by ReSOLVE high-force anchor-linear actuator
A component of the ReSOLVE instrumented wireline intervention service, the ReSOLVE anchor–linear actuator enabled force sufficient to fire a high-performance fully adjustable spring jar in a horizontal well setup at the SLB HCS test center in Sugar Land, Texas. The high-force ReSOLVE anchor–linear actuator broke 130,000-lbf shear rings and then enabled 40,000 lbf of straight pull force in the same run as the jarring operation, proving its ability to overcome the limitation of wellbore deviation and cable tension.
United States, North America, Onshore
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