CT Milling Operation Increases Efficiency and Reduces Costs by 46%

Published: 09/05/2014

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Graph: CT Milling Operation Increases Efficiency and Reduces Costs Per Well by 46% - 103 debris subs safely milled out, time per well reduced by 69%
In 26 months, 103 debris subs were safely milled out as per the operator`s completion schedule; the efficiencies reduced operating costs per well on average by 46% and time per well by 69%.
Canada, North America

Alberta, Canada
Harmattan and Pembina Field

Sandstone, shale
131-158 degF [55-70 degC]
2,321-3,626 psi [16-25 MPa]
10,499-13,780 ft, [3,200-4,200 m]
Completion size
4.5 in [114.3 mm]
CT string size
2 in [50.8 mm]

An operator in Alberta, Canada had a number of multiwell pads to complete that included the milling of debris subs. A service rig was replaced with an efficient equipment package and the implementation of CoilTOOLS coiled tubing intervention tools and solutions provided by Coil Tubing Services. A one-piece CT unit and support crane reduced the operational footprint and enabled a faster, more-efficient rig-up due to minimal equipment repositioning between wells on a pad. The milling tools eliminated a venturi junk basket run and the expertise of the minimized crew improved the cleanout efficiency, resulting in additional savings of time and money.
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