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Gulf of Mexico, Offshore
A CT stuck pipe event is the single incident category that has the most impact on service quality, which can lead to extensive downtime and could potentially impair an operator’s ability to perform subsequent interventions in the well. As the number of an operator’s well abandonment jobs increased in 2009, the risks of stuck pipe events rose significantly and required CT to be run in hole in harsh completion environments multiple times per job. To prevent this occurrence, the operator needed to identify the root cause of past incidents to design and implement future action plans.

CT Stuck Pipe Prevention Program Reduces CT Stuck Pipe Events by up to 88% in GoM

Program reduces stuck pipe severity despite increasing job complexity

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Schlumberger used the stuck pipe prevention manual, risk assessment tool, and certification to provide CT specialists and crews with the tools and knowledge to design, prepare, and execute CT jobs to mitigate the risk of failure, and reduce the impact of those incidents by minimizing their severity. After the CT stuck pipe prevention program was implemented in 2012, the number of stuck pipe incidents decreased from 6–8 per year to 1–2 per year—an up to 88% reduction—as the level of risk remained the same.



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