TAML-5 Intelligent ERD Offshore Well: A Case Story of Successful Application in the North Caspian | SLB

TAML-5 Intelligent ERD Offshore Well: A Case Story of Successful Application in the North Caspian

Published: 10/24/2016

Schlumberger Oilfield Services

The TAML-5 intelligent extended reach drilling (ERD) offshore well was the first of this type in the North Caspian Sea. The initial preparation and detailed follow up allowed to complete the well in a timely manner, without non-productive time and without deviation from the plan. This paper discusses the methodology used to prepare for the well construction process including the thought process, risk management, contingency planning, challenges faced, engineering and management solutions, results obtained and lesson learned.

To ensure an adequate level of readiness, the preparation started early in advance. The process included global offset analysis of similar wells from around the world. Then in depth engineering study of every operation was performed by splitting all activities in subtasks and reviewing all details. This resulted in strategy for well integrity and contingency plans for every operation and tracking of equipment and tools from the factory to the rig. To ensure the consistency of all phases, a multidisciplinary team was set up and followed the well from beginning to end.

The detailed operational procedures led to a deep understanding of the process by all involved parties. This was a vital part of the process when initial plans had to be changed and re-worked. While, it was not possible to simply implement the results of the large offset analysis, it provided a solid engineering basis for all decisions taken. Even though the contingency plans were not used on this specific well, the post job analysis showed that it is necessary to keep the same level, or even higher, of contingency planning for future wells.

The output from this paper is the thought process and the actual methodology, including the special aspects that needed to be taken into account for the proper preparation and execution of a trouble free TAML-5 ERD well. The methodology can be implemented in any field worldwide, specially on multilateral wells with high-level completions.

Kazakhstan, Asia
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