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New Initiation System Delivers Improved Perforating Safety and Reliability While Maximizing Efficiency


In the perforating industry, operators, service companies, and manufacturers are constantly looking to improve shaped-charge performance and product quality and reliability while ensuring the highest levels of safety. More recently, there has been a heightened urgency to deliver improved operational efficiency considering recent industry downturns and the need to become more cost efficient. A new wireline perforating initiation system has been developed that addresses current industry challenges by improving reliability and efficiency while also improving the overall safety of wireline perforating operations.

The development of a new initiation system for the conventional perforating market has built upon existing technologies previously developed for the unconventional market. The initiator system follows the guidelines of API RP67, fourth edition (currently in review), and has undergone detailed testing and validation before introduction to the field. Currently, the design is in the process of being API RP67 qualified as a Group 2 initiator, which allows use without requiring radio silence in the conventional exclusion area. Field testing has demonstrated that the simplification of the preparation and arming process significantly improves operational efficiency and reduces the risk of human error. Additionally, by eliminating parts and simplifying maintenance, system reliability and usability is further improved. Selective guns are much simpler to prepare and arm, making the utilization of such gunstrings more appealing in areas where, in the past, they may not have been viable due to the additional complexity and/or associated arming time.

This new gun system is currently being deployed in several areas around the world and has shown that it can deliver step-change improvements in reliability and efficiency with improved operational safety when working with explosives in wireline operations. This will have a significant impact on perforating operations, improving the safety of the field workforce while simultaneously improving operational efficiency.

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