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How Private Cloud Solution Go Beyond the Conventional Infrastructure Solution for Jurassic Kuwait Digital Integrated Field


Kuwait Digital Integrated Field (KwIDF Jurassic) is a complex field located in the North Kuwait. As with many other Digital oil field projects the IT challenges are numerous. The current infrastructure is based on physical servers and resource handling is challenging. An integrated infrastructure solution was required to build new workflow demands and to cater large amounts of real-time data being retrieved wells and facility sources.

Adoption of Cloud computing for oil and gas has been increasing over the last few years. This document primarily focuses on a Private Cloud strategy for KwIDF Jurassic. A comprehensive assessment was done with the KOC IT Stakeholders. The assessment phase captured all the challenges and ensure the Security is prime requirement accessing the KwIDF applications. One of the prominent challenges in cloud computing is the centralized data-handling requirements. The solution creates such a change in technological as well as new workflows. Validation tests on the KOC-recommended hardware was successfully completed. This delivers the learning and experiences for cloud road map and strategy creation for KOC IT.

Based on the validation proof of concept results, the solution private cloud implementation framework was designed primarily on Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI). Including Kernel-Based Virtual Machine (KVM) virtualization technologies, the VDI Solution will integrate with KOC Application cluster. The VDI Solution provides anytime, anywhere access to KwIDF applications with improved security. The Cloud and Virtualization solution will improve the application delivery system with high performance for the solution and enhance operational and business outcomes. Adding a private cloud platform can take the project to a new level of business improvement and enhance operational performance.

The potential benefit of implementing secure cloud includes benefits like high-resource utilization and IT resource management for operations team in the Datacenter. Providing high availability and disaster recovery also allows users self-service provisioning templates with rapid delivery of virtual machines. The whole solution is aligned with KOC CITG business strategy.

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