Geo-Engineered Performance in One of the Largest Tight Oil Multiwell Pads in Asia | Schlumberger
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China, Asia, Onshore
Bo Chen, PetroChina; Fujian Ma, Schlumberger; Yanlu Li, Hailong Yuan, and Zhijun Li, PetroChina; Wei Zheng, Schlumberger; Dengsheng Li, Yong Wang, Li Ding, YongKang Wang, and Peng Li, PetroChina
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20-22 July 2020
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Geo-Engineered Performance in One of the Largest Tight Oil Multiwell Pads in Asia


In order to increase oil production and minimize footprint within the surrounding natural habitats within the Ordos Basin, China, operators are drilling multi-well pads. This paper will discuss a project where twenty stacked horizontal wells, some having extended reach, were drilled from a single pad measuring 86 43 m(282 141 ft).

The drilling targets include three different gravity flow deposits within the stratigraphic section and have a high degree of vertical and lateral heterogeneity. Each layer is about 40m in gross thickness, with 6–10m of good quality reservoir. Porosity ranges from 4 to 10% and permeability from 0.01 to 0.1 mD within these high-quality intervals.

Due to a multitude of both surface and subsurface risks, a geo-engineered and integrated solution is required for mitigation in these high-profile projects and has been proven as an effective approach for targeting unconventional resources around the world.

The results of the project have been encouraging. The laterals were successfully placed within the best quality rock which historically results in optimal drilling efficiency and well performance.

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