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Journey of a Coiled Tubing Catenary Operation: Best Practice at South China Sea


In the Malay Basin area, 18 offshore oil and gas fields are operated by PETRONAS Carigali Sdn. Bhd (PCSB). Years after years of production, the challenges in managing these matured assets are becoming more and more complex. To sustain and enhance the production rate at some wells, it requires extra resources for well intervention works to occur especially related to small or satellite platforms in the region. The small and satellite platforms limit the normal coiled tubing operation in term of deck loading capacity, crane limitation and accommodation during the operation.

In year 2008, PCSB has experienced a significant breakthrough by conducting CT barge assisted operations for the first time in their operation and in Malay Basin of South China Sea. During that time, team faced a lot of hurdles at preparation and execution stage due to limited experience thereof. Many lesson learnt had been captured and documented for future operation improvements.

The journey since 2008 until now has seen the total of four CT barge assisted operations at PCSB platforms in Malay Basin. All the objectives of these four operations were successfully met and increased the total production of oil at about 2500 bbls/day and 30 MMSCF/day. Determine to improve the quality of each operation at the preparation and execution stage, team has taken an approach to capture lessons learnt & best practices from one project and applied them in the subsequent projects.

A wide range of engineering and project assessments from each of the activities have been developed to help the next CT catenary operations to achieve the most optimized time, cost and quality. Furthermore, the findings of this study are valuable for identifying strength and weaknesses in current approaches. The paper will deliberate on each project’s operation challenges, lessons learned and best practices towards development of a set of guidelines in achieving effective execution of CT catenary in different settings at South China Sea waters.

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