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Our Sustainability Focus

The energy industry is changing, and Schlumberger’s vision is to define and drive high performance, sustainably. As a leading energy service company, responsible environmental and social stewardship is an integral part of the way we operate. We call our approach to sustainability Global Stewardship. This includes addressing opportunities and risks associated with the energy transition and climate change; protecting the environment; investing in and engaging with our workforce and the communities where we and our customers live and work; and promoting diversity and inclusion and safeguarding human rights.

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Message from the CEO

Schlumberger’s vision is to define and drive high performance, sustainably. We are focused on our purpose: creating amazing technology that unlocks access to energy, for the benefit of all.


Our commitment to sound principles of corporate governance and ethics sets the foundation for our Global Stewardship program and helps us maintain the trust and confidence of our employees, customers, shareholders, suppliers, and other external stakeholders affected by our operations.

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Our global expertise and rich history of technological innovation puts us in a unique position to address climate change, reduce our footprint, and help our customers meet their environmental goals—driving measurable, positive change across our industry.


Our long-established values have always included a commitment to investing in our people and local communities. We are focused on keeping people safe, promoting local content and encouraging STEM education—while preserving and respecting human rights, diversity and inclusion.

Our Commitments

We engage with a wide variety of organizations to help us achieve our environmental and social commitments and further support our stewardship governance.


Access useful resources, such as our Oilfield Glossary, Investor Center and Guiding Principles.

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