7,500-psi DEMCO DM

Gate valve

a set of three DEMCO gate valves in the field

The Cameron DEMCO DM 7,500-psi gate valve meets the tough, 7,500-psi working pressure demands of deep well drilling. The DEMCO 7,500-psi gate valve comes to this market with proven technology from the industry leader. When the market demanded a 7,500-psi drilling mud valve, the DEMCO 7,500-psi gate valve was introduced to meet the challenge. This is fitting since the DEMCO gate valves (2,000 to 5,000 psi) continue to be the premium drilling mud valves of choice, as they have been for more than 30 years.

The DEMCO 7,500-psi gate valve is available in sizes 2 to 6 in [50 to 150 mm] with butt-weld end or flanged end connections. Engineered specifically for the high pressure requirements of deep well drilling, the DEMCO 7,500-psi gate valve is chosen for the following drilling applications:

  • Standpipe manifolds
  • Pump manifold block valves
  • High-pressure drilling-system block valves
  • High-pressure frac service.

The addition of DMA gate valves to the Cameron DEMCO offering delivers improved safety and fewer personnel required onsite.

DEMCO DM 7500-PSI Gate Valve
Forklift in a warehouse.

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