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Diverter valve

Dozens of valves in an onshore processing facility.

The GENERAL VALVE Four-Way diverter valve does not rely on line pressure or external hydraulic pressure for positive sealing.

The seating elements, or slips, move perpendicularly against the face of the ports. The seals themselves are highly resilient elastomers that are either bonded or mechanically retained in the slips. Retraction of the slips away from the body prior to cycling prevents friction and abrasion, which can damage seals. There is never any sliding or rubbing of the seals against the valve body or ports.

Metal-to-metal secondary seating prevents overcompression of the resilient primary seal. Mechanical retraction and compression ensures no-leak stream separation and longer life.

Inline maintenance

Because the seating segments are mounted via dovetailed connections to the plug, they can be removed from the top or the bottom and examined without having to take the valve from the line or disturbing the actuator. This added flexibility allows the valve to be installed upside down for easy access to actuator and slips.

Fast cycling

Fast and easy manual or automatic operation with an electric motor or hydraulic actuators is possible. Lower cycling torque permits the use of smaller and less expensive power actuators.

Series Size, in [mm]
4700 Series
12–20 [300–500]
2–20 [50–500]
2–16 [50–400]
3–10 [80–250]
16 [400]
Engineering drawing of GENERAL VALVE Four-Way diverter valve.
Diverter valve