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4D reservoir monitoring

Published: 04/05/2023

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4D reservoir monitoring
Shine a light on your reservoir using the fiber optics to map fluid movement, maximize recovery, and enable repeatable reservoir monitoring.

What if you could shine a light on your reservoir to map fluid movement and maximize recovery? The Optiq Seismic fiber-optic borehole seismic solution workflow enables new possibilities for repeatable reservoir monitoring. 

  • Acquire baseline 3D vertical seismic profiles faster and with less CO2e emissions than traditional methods.
  • Expedite processing and turnaround time using elastic full-waveform inversion.
  • Perform rigless, time-lapse surveys with no intervention in the well and no deferred production.
  • Identify undrained sections of the reservoir from the time-lapse results. Uncover potential for infill drilling to maximize total recovery.
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