ACTive Straddle | Video

Published: 03/23/2015

Schlumberger Oilfield Services
ACTive Straddle
CT real-time multiset inflatable packer

The ACTive Straddle CT real-time multiset inflatable packer provides a rugged, high-pressure seal at high inflation ratios with the added benefits of a reliable multiset mechanism. Multiple remedial operations can be performed and repeated without killing the well on existing wellbore access points, and manipulations from surface on the ACTive Straddle inflatable packer are confirmed through continuous measurements displayed in the control cabin. The fiber-optic technology provides real-time depth, bottomhole annular and circulating pressures, bottomhole temperature, and bottomhole load measurements. Its resistance to chemicals makes it ideal for selective placement of the treating fluids required for acid stimulation, water control, gas shutoff, and chemical treatment.

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