Automation and Orchestration | Video

Published: 01/19/2024

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Automation and Orchestration
Digitally enabled well stimulation integrates surface and subsurface operations to reduce operating costs and drive stimulation performance to new levels.

Stimulation plays a key role in maximizing well productivity and the ultimate recovery of hydrocarbon reservoirs. Using digital technologies, you can integrate surface and subsurface operations to drive your stimulation performance to new levels and reduce your operating costs.

On surface, automated and intelligent rate and pressure control software for stimulation pumps enable greater efficiency, consistency, and safety. And digital capabilities facilitate the seamless automation of pump-down perforating operations. The integration of these technologies as well as others at the wellsite, into our automation and orchestration platform, lets you view all your operations in real time and optimize dynamic workflows. This improves operational performance to bring wells onto production faster.

To maximize asset performance, complete reservoir coverage with the stimulation treatment is key. Using digitally enabled real-time downhole measurements, such as our stimulation monitoring service and fiber-optic solutions, you can evaluate stimulation treatment effectiveness and make adjustments immediately. This assures the outcome of your stimulation treatment.

Today, digital solutions are integral to successful well stimulation and allows us to unlock your well’s full potential.