Autonomous Directional Drilling | Video | Schlumberger

Autonomous Directional Drilling | Video

The future of how you drill wells—now

Autonomous Directional Drilling
The future of how you drill wells—now

This tool drills holes
This tool drills holes…
And connects thousands of engineers across the planet
And streams live data through a network of satellites orbiting the globe
This tool drills holes and explores hidden worlds miles below vast rolling plains minimizes its footprint while trekking under remote frontiers 
And endures crushing ocean depths 
This tool drills holes 
And measures the exact strength of the earth’s gravitational and magnetic field every second. 
That helps to characterize and define its exact subsurface location, so that a downhole autonomous steering algorithm can determine the precise changes to keep you right . . . on . . . plan This tool drills holes 
And tells you where it is, and what it’s doing 
And regulates its own energy 
It draws maps 
performs gyrosurveys 
And conducts fluid analysis 
Yeah, even petrophysical analysis and geology 
This tool drills holes
And—sees through rock like a superhero 
And warns you when there’s something bad 
This tool drills holes
And stays on track even when heading into the mysterious zone of exclusion 
It can even drill all the way to the center of the earth in a single run— 
—not really 
But this tool does drill holes 
And helps you sleep at night 
Or spend more time with your family 
Because this tool isn’t a tool—it’s really a key to a gateway created by the people . . . who write the code that drives the hardware that drills the holes—autonomously. 
Introducing Autonomous Directional Drilling 
The future of how you drill holes…starts here.

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