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Autonomous Downhole Control System | Video

The brains that drive the brawn

Autonomous Downhole Control System
The brains that drive the brawn

These tools build wells, but this is the brain that guides the brawn and tells them how. Introducing autonomous downhole technologies. It overcomes control-loop time, which is the bane of every directional driller’s existence—until now.

Rather than enduring data-to-surface delays when downhole tools detect or encounter programmed conditions, and then wait the equivalent time delay of downlinking correction instructions, autonomous downhole technologies assess the data and reacts at the time needed, even when heading into the zone of exclusion or under the most rugged of conditions.

It’s all due to superior sensors and sensor placement relative to the bit and to the quality of measurements backed by a century of experience and development.

And now with auto-curve capability, we have all the pieces of the autonomous puzzle, reducing control latency by enabling machine-learning decisions made when and where MWD tools encounter the data, which means far better verticals, steeper curves, less tortuous tangents, and way more accurate laterals. And that all translates to better well economics, reduced carbon, and an overall better outcome. This is the culmination of an autonomous drilling journey we launched more than 18 years ago with auto-tangent and auto-lateral capabilities.

This isn’t science fiction. Autonomous downhole technologies are being used, and operators are planning more. It’s proved reliable and tough—tough enough for the Permian Basin.

No, this isn’t imagination—it’s innovation changing how you build wells, now.

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