Celsius Energy

Published: 02/05/2021

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Celsius Energy
Powered by the Earth

Celsius Energy provides heating and cooling for existing buildings and new constructions. We supply geoenergy from a small footprint to reduce CO₂ emissions, save energy and increase a real-estate value.

Our first installation is in a commercial building in Clamart, France. We have completed the installation of the first Celsius Energy heating and cooling solution over the last six months and it is now in operation since December 2020.

Celsius Energy provides efficient heating and cooling for a 3,000 m² building, 4 floor height in which sit 200 people working in technology.

The installation had a direct impact on the building with a 40% reduction in its operating costs and a 90% reduction in its CO₂ emissions.

The geoenergy is generated by 10 closed-loop wells in our pyramid shape. This energy generated from the ground is coupled with a surface heat exchanger and a heat pump system. The heat pump will elevate the temperature to provide, during the winter, heating to the building. In the summer, we will provide cooling to the building. The entire surface installation occupies just 20 m².

The Celsius Energy heating and cooling solution is managed with an automated digital platform that integrates dynamically the subsurface, the heat pump system and the building. It maximizes the energy efficiency in real time and guarantees the long-term performance on 25 years or more. Our digital technology also offers the facilities management team full visibility, in real time, on the building's energy consumption, CO₂ emissions and on the performance and health of the system.

This is our first installation in Clamart, Paris area. The second installation of the Celsius Energy solution is currently in progress in Burgundy for a commercial building.

There is a way to reduce CO₂ emissions while improving the energy efficiency of a building. There is a way to provide thermal comfort without harming the environment. There is a way to work for a sustainable future and this, this is our way.

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