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SPE Webinar: Low-Carbon Production with Electrification

Published: 11/02/2021

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Enabling Low Carbon Production with Electrification and Subsea Processing Technology

Now available as an on-demand sponsored SPE webinar, Stephane Hiron, Electrification Program Manager, Schlumberger, and Ole Okland, Advisor, Subsea Processing, Equinor, discuss how electrification and subsea processing are helping offshore operators drive greater performance, sustainably.

As the industry enters a new era in offshore oil and gas development, operators are looking for ways to realize returns from new investments faster and optimize utilization of their existing assets. In addition to ensuring returns-focused performance, operators are simultaneously tasked with doing so in a way that reduces the carbon footprint.

The offshore industry is looking to electrification as a means to reduce the amount of carbon emitted per barrel produced while enabling greater performance. Electrification translates to environmental sustainability benefits, including accessing lower-carbon energy sources, reducing footprint by maximizing the use of existing infrastructure, and extending single-well reservoir drainage while improving the precision of systems controls.

Subsea processing systems have offered electric equipment for decades. Over a 20-year period, more than 30 multiphase pumps have been successfully deployed worldwide, including the industry’s first all-electric-actuated boosting system, recently installed in the Vigdis Field in Norway.

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