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Facility Planner on Delfi

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Facility Planner on Delfi
Collaboratively analyze and simulate multiple oil and gas facility concepts including scope, cost estimation, and project planning for conceptual engineering.

Integral to achieving the best performance outcome for your production facility is optimized concept selection.

Historically, it’s been challenging to balance project drivers—and now also address carbon footprint—using single-user, single-workflow tools.

Streamline your project concept selection with Facility Planner on Delfi, the latest addition to Schlumberger’s field development planning solution that starts from the reservoir.

Cloud-based multiuser Facility Planner on Delfi brings together project scoping, technology selection, costing, planning, and emissions estimation in one easy-to-use interface.

Together, in collaboration with domain experts, your team can accelerate selecting the optimal concept and initiate your project’s digital life cycle. Facility Planner on Delfi helps derisk your project by providing instant insight to a wide range of concept options, including power and supporting systems, for estimating cost, timeline, emissions targets, and more.

Each element is configurable—giving your team the agility to refine parameters until you find the most balanced solution available. Connecting you to the future for the best possible outcome.

Optimize your production journey by starting with Facility Planner on Delfi.

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