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FlairFlex | Video

Published: 07/01/2020

log showing data pulled from a FlairFlex reading
Advanced real-time fluid logging and analysis service

FlairFlex advanced real-time fluid logging and analysis service is a surface formation evaluation method used for early detection and quantification of hydrocarbons while drilling. The core of the system is the fluid extractor, which separates hydrocarbons transported to the surface by drilling fluid. It has been redesigned to improve efficiency and increase measurement quality.

Two extractors are installed with the FlairFlex system on the out- and in-drilling-fluid lines. The first unit measures hydrocarbon content as drilling fluid reaches the surface. Hydrocarbons are extracted from both the out and the in line, and subsequently analyzed and quantified with a gas chromatograph and mass spectrometer. For the hydrocarbons captured from the out line, a real-time hydrocarbon out log is generated and available for remote transmission. Hydrocarbons from the in line after the drilling fluid are degassed and cleaned before being analyzed and quantified. They are subtracted from the hydrocarbon out so that the hydrocarbon recycling effect is eliminated, and only formation fluids are interpreted. The process is continuous while drilling so when a hydrocarbon formation is encountered, extraction-efficiency correction factors are automatically applied to quantify the hydrocarbons concentration.

Fluid profiling is automatic and in real time with depth. Fluid facies are color coded for immediate detection of changes in fluid composition, which indicate potential reservoir compartmentalization, presence of compositional gradients, or other in-reservoir dynamic processes. The FlairFlex system is about fast, accurate, and precise interpretation of real-time information for making timely key decisions.

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