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Direct emulsion fluid

FluxDril Expert Video
Direct emulsion fluid

M-I SWACO’s FluxDril direct emulsion fluid is designed to drill through salt formations and reduce losses in the Permian and Delaware basins while reducing overall drilling costs. The intermediate sections of wells in these areas are prone to tremendous washout of the salt and excessive losses to depleted zones. High volumes of water influx also make it difficult to drill these sections with a single drilling fluid.

FluxDril fluid is made by emulsifying diesel in saturated field brine and to control density as needed while drilling. It tolerates various drill solids and water influx contamination, and minimizes washout while maintaining excellent emulsion stability. In fact, fluid hole enlargement in the field is comparable to oil-based fluids while significantly reducing costs. Learn more about the FluxDril system by clicking the contact button in the upper right corner of your browser.

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