Intervention Advisor

Published: 01/30/2024

SLB experts viewing Intervention Advisor software
Intervention Advisor
Routine well intervention increases production by 10%. Learn how SLB technologies and expertise help you select the best wells for success.

By 2030, nearly 80% of production worldwide will come from mature assets. How are you increasing your production?

Routine intervention increases production by 10%. SLB uses Intervention Advisor software to help you select the best wells. And to determine the intervention method that will yield the best results, Intervention Advisor generates a detailed work plan—increasing intervention success and estimating your production uplifts for each well.

  • Narrow down the list of candidate wells.
  • Create a clear action plan.
  • Move the needle on your production targets.

Reinvent your intervention with Intervention Advisor and SLB production enhancement to recover your 10%.

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