LIVE Services: Tool Operation | Video

Published: 10/26/2020

LIVE digital slickline services.
LIVE Services: Tool Operation
Expand the well intervention operating envelope with digital slickline services that reliably log downhole.

"Let’s take the opportunity to look at the actual tools themselves. Standard slickline is basically just a solid strand of metal that’s used with running out of the well. Digital slickline is different in that while it still uses the core standard slickline and retains all its mechanical strength, we’ve placed a coating on it, and that’s what enables us to use the telemetry over the wire.

We have some key tools here: The digital pressure and temperature gauge (DPG), the digital inline flowmeter (DIF), DCR digitally controlled-release tool, D-Jar digital downhole adjustable jar, and the production flowmeter caliper sonde.

With the DPG, whenever we do any run on digital slickline in the well, we can make that an intelligent run; so rather than running a standard drift or tag run, with the DPG, we can already collect pressure data for a gradient survey, for example. And with the temperature readings, if there is ever a leak in the tubing, we could detect that with this tool.

The DIF enables us to see the flow within the well as that flow moves past the turbine spinner that’s mounted within. This tool was been built so that it could run with all the services; it has been run with perforating guns and P3 postperforating treatment so we can see if there’s a change in the production profile immediately after firing a P3 treatment gun or perforating gun. The DCR eliminates the need to drop a drop cutter should the toolstring become stuck in the well and we can’t jar away from that situation. This is particularly important when it comes to activity on lightweight intervention vessels, where with a subsea lubricator, one could not drop a drop cutter if we were stuck; hence, we would likely have to cut the wireline and move away for a further drop maybe with a rig. With this tool, however, we can release on command, disconnect, and in leave both an internal and external fishing profile so we can go in with a more heavy-duty fishing string if required.

The D-Jar digital downhole adjustable jar was developed uniquely for digital slickline services to simplify jarring operations significantly by enabling you to take an overpull with the jar armed at surface, and then send a single command to the tool upon which will release a collet, and the jar will fire. It really does make jarring operations much simpler. The production flowmeter caliper sonde, part of the production services platform, has several key measurements, such as the fullbore flowmeter, holdup probes to measure the water within the wellbore, an X-Y caliper, and relative bearing to detect the probes with respect to the high side of the well. So you’re getting full-quality production logging data without compromise, despite logging on a slickline. Most mechanical tools can be run on LIVE digital slickline services, such as LIVE Act digital slickline mechanical services. We can also run guns on LIVE Perf digital slickline perforating services using the D-Trig digital activation device with surface readout and control, as well as run on LIVE PL digital slickline production logging services which includes a pulsed neutron tool, a full production services platform, and cement logging service."