Open Collaboration for Asset Performance Enhancement

Published: 05/24/2022

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Open Collaboration For Asset Performance Enhancement
We are ready to collaborate with you to produce the full potential of your assets.

As the energy industry has evolved with economics and sustainability, you’ve asked SLB to change with you. To more closely align with your workflows. To improve responsiveness and agility. To deliver fit-for-basin technologies and business models. We’re listening. Our new organization, unveiled last year, aligns our products and services into four divisions that match the way YOU operate. And we collaborate with you through five basins and individual GeoUnits to accelerate basin-specific solutions—especially the digital solutions you need to make and measure improvements in efficiency, production, and profits. Our new organization flattens silos to deliver the integrated solutions you said you need for achieving successful outcomes. It empowers local experts to solve your problems with agility. It focuses on your outcomes. Because we understand that’s how we will become your performance partner of choice. What have you told us? You need faster answers, more efficient solutions, and better asset performance with the lowest environmental impact. In SLB Production Systems, we acknowledge this. Because we believe open collaboration is the most efficient way to see through your lens – to live your asset and production journey with you. Whatever phase of the journey you’re in, from preFEED through abandonment, we are ready to collaborate with you as you select the optimal technology for your project, configure it for your conditions, deliver it so you meet schedules, and produce the full potential of your assets predictably. We’ll bring the technology and the expertise to support your carbon-neutral targets and to digitally connect your diverse data streams to discover even more value. We hear you clearly: Continually enhancing integrity and production performance is your focus—and your focus is our focus.

Learn how Living the Production Journey helps you achieve oil and gas development and mature oilfield redevelopment production performance goals through open collaboration.