Optiq Seismic Fiber-Optic Borehole Seismic Solution | Video | Schlumberger

Optiq Seismic Fiber-Optic Borehole Seismic Solution | Video

Eliminate the need for a dedicated seismic descent

Optiq Seismic Fiber-Optic Borehole Seismic Solution
Eliminate the need for a dedicated seismic descent

Light is the most important source of energy. Light is what gives us life. And light is what Schlumberger has harnessed to deliver insights directly to you. Introducing Optiq Schlumberger fiber-optic solutions—providing you multidomain intelligence at the speed of light for improved decision making across the energy industry. The family’s versatile Optiq Seismic solution sets a new benchmark in reservoir evaluation, leveraging distributed acoustic sensing (DAS) technologies, innovative wireline conveyance solutions, and state-of-the-art digital workflows. You can now map subsurface features with a minimal wellsite footprint and in a fraction of the time—no more dedicated seismic descent.

And our digital planning tools optimize coupling to your reservoir for our conveyance-agnostic acquisition. For permanent fiber-optic installations, data from multiple wells can be acquired simultaneously without any deferred production.

For wireline deployment, our patented conveyances offer industry-unique packaging of the fiber within the cable, ensuring superior data quality in any environment. The unparalleled strength of Optiq TuffLINE torque-balanced fiber-optic wireline conveyance offers double the pulling capacity of any fiber-optic wireline in the industry. This unlocks access to borehole seismic data on any wireline descent. Additionally, Optiq StreamLINE polymer-locked fiber-optic wireline conveyance enables seismic acquisition during any production services descent. The possibilities are now endless: Achieve seismic data assurance anytime, anywhere.

Optiq Seismic solution enables you to achieve unprecedented reservoir definition—illuminating your entire reservoir faster than ever before. You can acquire zero-offset, walkaway, 3D seismic, 4D reservoir monitoring, and many more survey types, all processed using our automated workflows and cloud-native software to deliver actionable insights in relevant time.

Optiq Seismic solution connects you to your reservoir, so you no longer need to make decisions in the dark, redefining the standard for borehole seismic applications to sustainably maximize your reservoir performance.

Let’s harness the power of light to unlock the brighter future of energy.

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