Optiq Solutions: Harness the Power of Light Across the Energy Industry

Published: 11/12/2021

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Optiq Solutions: Harness the Power of Light Across the Energy Industry
Obtain multidomain measurements at the speed of light for a range of applications across the energy industry.

We've recently announced the launch of Optiq Schlumberger fiber-optic solutions to deliver multidomain distributed sensing capabilities for a wide range of applications across the energy industry—including E&P, carbon capture and sequestration, and geothermal energy production. So you might ask: What's unique about our fiber-optic solutions? There are three key value propositions that I would like to share with you today.

First, let's start with our unmatched deployment capabilities. Name the environment and the application, and we will bring forward the best deployment solution to meet your operational objective—whether through fiber embedded in coiled tubing, slickline, or wireline or permanently installed behind casing or tubing in both wet- and dry-tree applications, or even along pipelines.

For borehole seismic as well as 3D and 4D seismic applications, we can deploy our industry-leading 18,000-lbf-pulling-capacity Optiq TuffLINE torque-balanced fiber-optic wireline conveyance, which enables acquisition to take place in record time and is combinable with any other wireline evaluation service. This eliminates the need for independent runs. Or fiber optics can be deployed through permanent installation behind the casing or tubing without deferred production.

For production monitoring or real-time stimulation effectiveness, you can deploy our Optiq StreamLINE conveyance in any well, including frac treatment wells. In addition, our Optiq SlickLINE fiber-optic slickline conveyance brings acid-tolerant fiber-optic capabilities in a smaller and lighter footprint. And our award-winning ACTive Power CT real-time powered downhole measurements system has unique fiber packaging that allows pumping of corrosive and highly viscous fluids, including cement. With more that 6,800 deployments today, we are excited to expand our offering further around the globe.

Second is our integrated end-to-end workflows. For than measurements, Optiq solutions' end-to-end workflows, backed by our domain expertise and digital innovation, enable full collaboration along your fiber optics journey—from planning and outcome prediction to execution, processing, and data integration to deliver actionable insights up to 18× faster than the industry standard.

Third is workflow modularity. To provide the best flexibility, we've enabled modularity and customization. You can use our unified end-to-end solutions or integrate our microservices and deployments, as well as partner with us to develop bespoke workflows fit to your objectives. The possibilities are truly limitless, and we invite you to join us on this journey to make your own reality using Optiq solutions. Let's harness the power of light for the brighter future of energy.

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