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OptiPac service mechanical packer

OptiPac service mechanical packer

The OSMP OptiPac service mechanical packer is an Alternate Path, hydrostatically set gravel-pack packer that enables zonal isolation in conventional or extended-reach openhole wells. It saves both time and cost by isolating nonproducing areas in multizone wells and only gravel packing above and below. Completion fluids are displaced and the packer is hydrostatically set as the setting tool is moved down through the packer. The OSMP packer sets immediately, eliminating potential gravel disposition between the packer and sandface. Gravel packing can begin immediately Once the uppermost zone is completed, the gravel travels through the shunt tubes of the Alternate Path system and begins filling below the packer. The OSMP packer has a shunt tube isolation valve, which once closed, prevents all unwanted gas and water communication between zones. The valves are closed while the washpipe is being removed. If water breaks through a producing zone, a seal assembly can be run inside the completion to create a secondary isolation. This allows unrestricted flow from below to the surface without production from the water zone. If a water zone is known to exist before the well is completed, shunted blanks can be easily used with isolation packers to completely bypass that zone. No gravel packing occurs around these sections. The openhole mechanical packer’s design is an extension of the field-proven Alternate Path shunt tube technology. Since 1995, Schlumberger has successfully installed more than 1,400 Alternate Path systems in more than 30 countries for more than 70 operators.

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