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Performance Live Service | Video

Well Operations from Anywhere at Any Time

Performance Live Service
Well operations from anywhere at any time

I’m drilling a five-thousand-meter horizontal section and about to reach total depth. I’m conducting wireline formation testing to update my reservoir model for a remote desert field in the Middle East—and all in real time. I’m recording an acoustic log to update pore pressure model in offshore Gulf of Mexico.

These people are working on wells across the world —and not one of them is on location. Performance Live service puts you in control of your operations—wherever you are—by integrating  Schlumberger global experts, a collaborative digital ecosystem, and technology. Wellsite operations are now safer, more efficient, and more sustainable.  You’ll make informed decisions quickly with real-time data at your fingertips , through our secure network. Whether you’re remotely monitoring directional drilling, telemetry, survey acquisition, well logging, formation testing, or intervention operations, you’re supported by technology and domain expertise for better performance—and better results.

This is where the industry is going, and Schlumberger is leading the way.

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