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Performance Live Service: Humans Are Amazing

Published: 06/01/2021

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Performance Live Service: Humans Are Amazing
Good technology is the logical extension of the human mind and body.

Humans are amazing. All of our moving parts moving in unison, in collaboration, in intuitively connected ways to help us create and perform and achieve. But what if the human was more? What if we could take our abilities and enhance them, give them more power and depth?

Well, we can, and we did.

With technology, we remove human limitation in the oil field. With technology, the human can be all places at once—no borders, no barriers—total control from not just half a world away, but 5,000 meters below the surface of the Earth from half a world away.

And with the ability to monitor, control, and execute wellsite operations remotely, our eyes now see the unseen. Our reach goes beyond our physical grasp. Our minds are expanding with nonstop feeds of real-time information.

And by connecting all the right people, including our best drilling engineers and domain champions, technology empowers us to collaborate with others more quickly, clearly. It analyzes, evaluates, and automates what’s next. And it never stops.

Along with minimizing environmental impact of operations, technology removes humans from harm’s way while, at the same time, puts them exactly where they need to be, remotely. Good technology is simply the logical extension of the human mind and body, and with it, our best and brightest are now everywhere at once.

That’s powerful. That’s Performance Live from Schlumberger.

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