Pressure Deployment CT System | Video

Published: 03/20/2017

Schlumberger Oilfield Services
Pressure Deployment CT System
Optimized equipment for executing long-BHA operations

Many coiled tubing applications require long tool strings for added functionality, to help reduce runs, to make CT applications more efficient, and to reduce cost. But conventional pressure deployment technology constrains BHA design and CT efficiency because of safety concerns and requirements for extra equipment and personnel on location. The new pressure deployment CT system from Schlumberger eliminates expensive oversize cranes or scaffolding, and reduces equipment footprint, personnel on location, and HSE risks—essentially removing the traditional limits on BHA design and CT efficiency. The flexible system combines several technologies to improve safety and efficiency in long-BHA deployments. A compact powered sheave pulls BHAs into the lubricator. It simplifies bar deployment, allowing long BHAs to be built in sections at safe working heights and then raised to run into the BOP. The BOP’s advanced mechanical tool locator speeds up deployment bar placement, improving efficiency and reliability. An innovative ram configuration maintains two well barriers during tool makeup and enables positive pressure tests on each well barrier in the direction of flow at each deployment stage. A quick pressure test device eliminates time-consuming shell tests conventionally required each time a new tool section is added. A stabilized hydraulic work window and quick-connect lubricator eliminate the need to work under a suspended load. By combining these technologies, the pressure deployment CT system extends the limits on BHA length and how efficiently we can perform the CT operations to maximize your well performance.

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