ProcessOps on Delfi

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ProcessOps on Delfi
Digitally automate optimizing equipment and processes with ProcessOps on Delfi, powered by simulation engines and informed by OEM and operations expertise.

Oilfield digitalization means you have more data sooner for monitoring your processing equipment’s performance. But even with automation, identifying what needs attention while ensuring performance goals are met can keep you in reactive mode. Dealing with equipment failures and production deferments leaves little capacity for optimizing processes and equipment, much less the entire system

Introducing ProcessOps on Delfi, an assured process optimization solution powered by a suite of simulation engines within the Delfi E&P cognitive environment and informed by OEM and operations domain knowledge of your asset’s equipment and processes.

Data from your digitally enabled equipment populate a digital twin of your facility. This informs physics-based prognostic health workflows that generate actionable insights for assuring equipment integrity and scheduling condition-based maintenance.

Your team will work collaboratively within ProcessOps on Delfi, seamlessly sharing simulations and easily adjusting process parameters to anticipate changes. Or you can implement ProcessOps on DELFI with expanded collaborative access to our domain experts through our Process Live data-enriched performance service.

Ready to digitally automate process optimization? Welcome to ProcessOps on Delfi.

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