StrataBlade Bit | Video

Published: 10/27/2020

Blade family bits with StrataBlade.
StrataBlade Bit: This is What Innovation Looks Like
Concave diamond element bit

This is what innovation looks like. We call this the Strata concave diamond cutting element–and like all our 3-D cutting elements, its unique geometry was developed to meet specific drilling needs for where the bit meets certain kinds of rock. And, it’s what puts the bite into our new StrataBlade bit and gives it cutting edge drillbit performance. Want to know more? The StrataBlade bit sinks its teeth into the kind of rock that trip up other bits, preying on those unpredictable zones between medium hard to high impact layers, chewing deeper for more ROP and footage to get the job done. And the key to StrataBlade bit performance—well, it’s that Strata element we mentioned, because it’s about form that follows function, with a tapered ridged tip that focuses the BHA’s energy so the bit pierces further into the formation layers without increasing weight on bit. But the Strata element also has a concave shape that cuts rock more efficiently. While they sound like separate things, they work together to save rig time and costs by cutting deeper, faster, and longer, which improves drilling efficiency in medium-strength and interbedded formations. Introducing the all-new, rock-hungry StrataBlade concave diamond element bit.

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