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StreamLINE iX | Video

Extreme-performance polymer-locked wireline cable

StreamLINE iX
Extreme-performance polymer-locked wireline cable

Nearly a century ago, we invented wireline. Today, we’ve reinvented it. Bringing you the high-integrity cable to stream your data and intervene in your wells with minimized risk. 10 years of research and engineering, resulting in the only patented polymer-coating technique that locks the cable core and its armors to form a single element. Fast track your production with StreamLINE iX cable. Gas-blocked technology for high-pressure gas wells with new armors for sour conditions. High power capacity to convey our most advanced tractor and intervention services. High strength-to-weight ratio and low-friction jacket to reach deeper and get you back, faster. No exposed armor for safer, simpler, and cleaner greaseless operations. Always get access to your wells. Produce faster and recover more. Streamline your conveyance with the only production cable you need.

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