Subsea Lift | Video

Published: 10/01/2013

Subsea equipment
Subsea Lift
Inwell and caisson lifting systems

Dedicated to understanding and implementing reliable, low-risk subsea lift systems since the earliest industry efforts, Schlumberger today has more than 150 subsea lift installations worldwide, including in ultradeep water. Our subsea lift technologies include XLift high-pressure and Barrier series gas lift systems, high-horsepower caisson ESPs, and ultra-efficient backup system options. Dual ESP lift systems enable cost-effective production where rig availability may be at a premium and where the cost of workover impacts the overall profitability of the well. They can be used in series to double the horsepower in a well or in parallel to produce independent zones. They can also function as an in-well backup system to reduce downtime and lost or deferred production. ESP gauges and real-time surveillance service provide continuous monitoring and expert analysis.

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