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Tech Talk: ACTive Power System

Published: 05/27/2021

ACTive Power CT Real-Time Powered Downhole Measurements System on location
Tech Talk: ACTive Power System
Battery risks and power constraints are now history—enable efficient operations with no pump rate limitations.

For years, coiled tubing intervention technology has been evolving with an increased focus on real-time downhole data acquisition to optimize workflows and enhance production. Today, we will be talking to you about award-winning ACTive Power CT real-time powered downhole measurements system. The ACTive Power system cable combines both optical fibers and analytical conductor to enable optical telemetry and power delivery in a small but robust corrosion-resistant package, ensuring no pump rate limitations.

Battery risks and power constraints are now history. With ACTive Power system, data can be acquired continuously for days with no trips to replace batteries. Eliminating battery disposal also means reduced impact to the environment.

Efficiency improves as a single ACTive Power system cable can run our wide portfolio of intervention tools, minimizing the operational footprint and reducing associated HSE risk. From mechanical interventions to perforating jobs, now you can plan operations with a single coiled tubing reel.

And those are just a few examples. With the ACTive Power system flexibility, possibilities are practically endless. It enables the deployment of new tools that was previously impossible for more efficient operations.

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