Tech Talk: Are You Fracturing Blind?

Published: 02/14/2022

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Tech Talk: Are You Fracturing Blind?
Illuminate your stimulation operations with real-time data using Schlumberger fiber optics.

Are you fracturing based on a recipe that doesn’t include real-time validation as a key ingredient? Are you fracturing blind?

Illuminate your operations with the power of light. With Schlumberger fiber optics, you can make faster, better decisions based on real-time data to optimize your stimulation and minimize consumption of resources. Reduce your risk and improve your cashflow.

Using our unique wireline conveyed fiber optics, you can monitor cluster efficiency in real time from within the treatment well while pumping at up to 100 bbl/min. This provides the same actionable insights enabled by permanent fiber while mitigating the perforating risks. You no longer have to rely on a postfrac camera run or surface pressure data to understand treatment fluid placement.

Furthermore, you can monitor treatment from an offset well. This enables you to characterize the progression of the fracture and precisely locate frac hits using the strain data. You can even record single component microseismic events simultaneously or independently of the strain field data.

Unlike grandma’s cookies, the traditional recipe in hydraulic fracturing could be letting you down. Stop making decisions in the dark. Shine a light on your fracturing operations with our fiber-optic technology. Together, we can enhance your production.

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