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Tech Talk: OpenPath Reach Service

Published: 07/13/2021

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Tech Talk: OpenPath Reach Service
Improve production in carbonates with engineered acid stimulation that penetrates deep into the reservoir.

Most carbonate reservoirs will require some form of acid stimulation to optimize production. Conventional stimulation techniques evolved from the use of highly reactive hydrochloric acid to more retarded oil external phase emulsions. This evolution seeks to retain dissolution capacity while resolving the high reactivity of HCl fluids. However, it has introduced operational complexities and additional HSE and emulsion risks, resulting in lower productivity performance.

To address this challenge, Schlumberger introduced the OpenPath Reach extended-contact stimulation service to improve production in carbonate wells using engineered acid stimulation designs that penetrate deep into the reservoir. The service combines slow-reacting fluid systems with reservoir-specific pumping schedules to maximize reservoir contact and ensure open pathways for hydrocarbon flow. The single-phase retarded acid’s low reaction rate allows it to travel deep into the reservoir before completely spending. This results in longer wormholes using less fluids and an overall improvement in well productivity. The fluid is compatible with most acid additives, and its low friction pressure enables high-rate pumping during acid fracturing operations.

This service offers simplicity in mixing operations: It can be continuously mixed and pumped with a low location footprint. It also eliminates the need for an oil phase, minimizing the attendant emulsion risk and environmental and safety exposure.

Improve production in a more sustainable manner from your carbonate reservoirs with the OpenPath Reach service, enabling deeper penetration and maximizing reservoir contact.

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