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Tech Talk: Schlumberger Technology Access

Published: 05/27/2021

Well interventions in Bakersville, CA.
Tech Talk: Schlumberger Technology Access
Access our oilfield services technology portfolio of wireline, coiled tubing, and stimulation solutions.

"Maria Del Mar Portela Galindo: Hello and welcome to one of our formation evaluation technologies manufacturing centers. Here at Schlumberger, our purpose is to create technologies that unlock access to energy for the benefit of all. The oil and gas industry is evolving and so are we. For the betterment of our industry, we understand that providing only services is no longer enough.

Today, we enable other oil and gas service providers to access our technology portfolio. Schlumberger’s Technology Access portfolio covers a wide array of leading technologies, including wireline, coiled tubing, and stimulation products.

These are all available to you through accessible, novel, and flexible commercial models designed to fit your objectives and enable total ownership of projects.

Bingxiang Wang: To ensure your project execution success, we not only deliver the equipment needed to solve the operators’ challenges but also tailored trainings and an experienced maintenance team to work alongside you. Together, we can reach your efficiency goals while reducing your cost of service delivery.

Schlumberger Technology Access is much more than asset acquisition: We foster collaboration, supported by reliability, technical expertise, and a common goal of success. Contact us to discover how we can work together to maximize the operators’ reservoir performance."