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VeraTherm | Video

Published: 05/05/2020

render of orange liquid on blue cylinder
High-temperature water-based drilling fluid

VeraTherm high-temperature water-based drilling fluid delivers long-term fluid stability above 300 degF.

It maintains excellent low-end rheology for hole cleaning and suspension, while providing minimal fluid loss. And, VeraTherm fluid reduces the total cost of ownership compared to oil-based or other water-based systems by eliminating excessive tripping and conditioning time, and requiring very little treatment after long exposure times. As we reduce oil-based mud application, we are lowering our carbon footprint.

VeraTherm fluid needs only VeraVis branched synthetic polymer viscosifier and fluid loss additive to maintain the drilling fluid properties. VeraTherm fluid additives are compatible with most oilfield completion brines. The fluid is applicable in low and high-density, high-temperature scenarios, including drilling, reservoir drilling, logging, screen running, coiled tubing, fluid loss control and suspension pill. Learn more by contacting one of our experts.

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