Webinar: The Role of Surface Seismic | Video | Schlumberger

Webinar: The Role of Surface Seismic | Video

Water avoidance, landing, and sweet-spotting solutions for the Permian Basin

Webinar: Role of Surface Seismic with Dave Paddock
How surface seismic can aid water avoidance, landing, and sweetspotting operations in the Permian Basin

In the Permian Basin, poor wells were found to be afflicted by one or more of the following: landing 200 ft or more too low, fracking into poor reservoir, and/or producing excessive water associated with faulting either above or below target stratigraphic levels. Using seismic data would mitigate the risk of landing too low to hydraulically fracture up into the reservoir. Seismic data could also be used to predict the adequacy of reservoir quality and detect the risk of faults that could bring water from either above or below the lateral. Join this webinar to see how seismic data was found to be a crucial tool to ensure economic success in the Permian Basin. David Paddock is a scientific advisor in the Schlumberger WesternGeco North American Onshore Multiclient Exploration team. He has consulted on dozens of unconventional development projects throughout North America as well as in South America, Europe, the Middle East, and North Africa. David has now worked Schlumberger for 17 years in their Consulting and Geophysical product lines. He is recognized in the industry as the leading expert in ant tracking, a detailed seismic fault identification application widely utilized, particularly in developing unconventional resources.

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