WellWatcher Flux System Inductive Coupler | Video | Schlumberger

WellWatcher Flux System Inductive Coupler | Video

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WellWatcher Flux System Inductive Coupler
Multizonal reservoir monitoring system

Installed as part of the casing or tubing string, the metal-enclosed coupler has no elastomeric parts and does not reduce the casing or tubing string. A single electric control line connects all the downhole monitoring and control stations to the surface, simplifying installation, minimizing friction, and reducing wellhead penetrations to one. In extended-reach single laterals, it may be necessary to rotate the completion to reach target depth. The inductive coupler, however, allows the lower completion to be run in on rotating drillpipe, allowing completions to reach further into the reservoir, adding more than 10,000 ft of new reservoir contact to existing wellbores. Once the lower completion is in place, the upper completion can be installed. Field-proven landing tool techniques ensure precise alignment of the two coupler sections without rotation or orientation. Data and power can now be transmitted along the full length of the wellbore. Replacement of an ESP or a safety valve can be accomplished without having to pull the lower completion. The coupler can be disconnected and reconnected any number of times. The Schlumberger inductive coupler makes multizone well management now more achievable than at any other time—all with just a single wellhead penetration. Well design has been redesigned.

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