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WellWatcher Flux System Overview | Video

Multizonal reservoir monitoring system

WellWatcher Flux System Overview
Multizonal reservoir monitoring system

The WellWatcher Flux multizonal reservoir monitoring system continuously monitors the entire sandface in real time, enabling operators to recognize events earlier and take action before major problems occur. With its flexible configuration, the system improves operations in any subsea well and can be run in open hole or cased hole completions, as a single trip or multitrip system in wells of any inclination. The WellWatcher Flux system is permanently deployed across the sandface and is comprised of a patented metal-enclosed inductive coupler, conventional PT gauge stations, and multiple arrays of innovative temperature sensors. The inductive coupler is installed as part of the casing or tubing string and is connected to surface with a single electric control line for all downhole monitoring stations and arrays, simplifying installation, minimizing friction, and reducing the number of wellhead penetrations to one. The coupler can be disconnected and reconnected any number of times without affecting the WellWatcher Flux system’s performance or reliability. The pressure and temperature stations provide tubing and annular measurements, and when combined with the high-resolution distributed temperature arrays, help identify underperforming zones, zonal crossflow, and even out-of-zone injection. This can be achieved in a single or multiple zones over a few hours or over the life of the well or field. Data reaches the surface in real time, at which point Schlumberger interpretation and answer products provide concise displays of downhole conditions using 3D trending, event alarms, and analysis, enabling a better understanding of downhole conditions so operators can determine the best course of action for high-rate gas wells, water injection wells, or oil production wells.

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