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Deliquefy and rejuvenate ageing gas wells safely and effectively

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Remove unwanted liquids from the wellbore and restore gas production

Schlumberger provides a wide range of tested and proven foamer technologies for removing liquids, such as water and condensate, from the wellbore and restoring gas production.

Liquid foamers—developed for varying brine chemistries, temperatures, and the presence of condensate—can be formulated as standalone products or combined with scale and corrosion inhibitors.

Solid-stick foamers have also been developed for a wide range of condensate levels and applications, including temperatures up to 170 degC [338 degF].

The following treatment options are available:

  • topside
  • batch, including liquid batch, sticks, and squeeze
  • continuous, including drip and capillary string.
Technician holding bottle of clear water, showing impact of water clarifiers on produced water.
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