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Microbial InstaCheck

Real-time bacteria measurement, monitoring, and control service

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Evaluate and control bacteria population

The Microbial InstaCheck real-time bacteria measurement, monitoring, and control service is a rapid and easy-to-use portable onsite service for evaluation of total living aerobic and anaerobic bacteria populations.

Utilizing both new and established bacteria enumeration techniques in combination with the ChemWatcher integrated chemical management system powered by Avocet production operations software platform, this service enables you to develop informed, real-time bacteria control strategies.

With the Microbial InstaCheck service, you can conduct, evaluate, and report a full-field bacteria survey in hours. The service identifies the location of bacteria populations, evaluates the effectiveness of current biocide applications, and confirms the future bacteria control strategy.

Maintain compatibility with preexisting fluids and chemicals

After deployment in over 500 unique oil and gas applications both onshore and offshore, the Microbial InstaCheck service has proved to deliver high accuracy and compatibility, enabling you to continue using any production fluid, raw water fracking fluid, or chemical.

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