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Mercury Removal from Gas

Adsorbents for reducing mercury to extremely low levels

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Eliminate presence of mercury in gas

SELECT Hg-100 mixed metal oxide–based mercury adsorbent is used to remove mercury from gaseous streams that contain sufficient H2S for in situ sulfiding, while SELECT Hg-110 mixed metal sulfide–based mercury adsorbent is used when no H2S is present. These individually formulated products react with elemental mercury to form cinnabar—mercuric sulfide—reducing mercury to extremely low levels. 

Cost-effective solutions, efficient operation

All Schlumberger adsorbents are nonpyrophoric, straightforward to handle in both unreacted and ready-for-disposal forms, and backed by an industry-leading performance warranty.

Product consumption depends only on the amount of mercury that passes through the bed, economically matching the need for mercury removal with variations in system flow conditions. Because typical mercury concentrations are relatively low, a single-vessel configuration provides a long operating bed life.

Support for recycling and disposal

Catalyst handling specialists are recommended for changeouts. Our experts can help you determine the best option for recycling or disposing of spent material. Disposal routes are well established and personnel are available for onsite installation and removal support, as needed.

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