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NExT Geology Field Trips

Immersive learning in the field

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Geology can be studied in the classroom, but it can be better understood in the field. Examining first hand the results of time, weather, and tectonic forces allows geoscientists to gain greater insight into the formation of reservoirs. Learning by doing puts things into their proper scale, context, and perspective. Visiting formations, field operations, and wellsites helps you grasp how geological concepts work in the real world.

With a carefully selected portfolio of practical, high-quality field trips covering relevant depositional and tectonic environments, NExT meets the needs of working geologists and petroleum engineers and the companies that rely on them to meet their goals.

NExT training in the field.
Put geology into its proper scale, context, and perspective by visiting formations, field operations, and wellsites.

Bring geology insights to life

Our geology field trips broaden your understanding with first-hand experiences in field formations evaluation, log and core analysis, and 3D reservoir modeling. Field trip course topics include

  • faults and fractures
  • carbonate platforms and reefs
  • shallow carbonates and evaporates
  • fluvial-deltaic and deep-marine clastics
  • rift zones
  • turbidites
  • deltaic fan systems.

NExT field trips build expertise by

  • developing your practical interpretation skills through better understanding of geological complexities
  • strengthening technical knowledge through exposure to new and diverse geological environments
  • delivering broader perspectives and new insights through hands-on field experiences.

In addition to classroom lectures and exercises, hands-on experiences include trips to roadcuts, ancient outcrops, modern sedimentary environments, and core analysis laboratories and research facilities. Our expanded-learning modules include integrated interpretation and modeling with interactive training in software applications, including the industry-standard Petrel E&P software platform.

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