DEMCO DM 5000-psi Gate Valve
DEMCO valve

The Demco Valve Company was founded in 1947. Through the years, the brand has developed butterfly and gate valves that offer ideal designs for a range of applications, from oilfield exploration, production, transportation, and industrial operations to snowmaking applications.

With the 1950s launch of the company’s new gate and butterfly valves came rapid growth. Harkening back to the company’s beginnings, Drilling Equipment Manufacturing Co.’s new gate valve offering was developed for high-pressure drilling mud flow control, earning the nickname “the mud valve.” With this, the forerunner to the DEMCO Series DM gate valve – which is utilized across the world today for high- pressure mud systems – was born. In 1965, the company name changed from Drilling Equipment Manufacturing Co. to the now recognizable DEMCO name.

Today, Schlumberger sells DEMCO valves in a variety of sizes and pressure ratings to meet even the most demanding customer requirements.

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