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Low-temperature electric submersible pump system

Oil wells with 5.5-in, 7-in, or larger casings
Ni-Resist alloy cast for increased durability and corrosion resistance
Motors optimized for use in cool (200-degF) or medium (250-degF) temperature well environments
Standard intakes or rotary gas separators with tungsten carbide radial bearings, depending on your application
Modular protector designs with labyrinth and positive seal chambers for optimal motor protection

Optimize production with a field-proven design

The EZLine low-temperature electric submersible pump (ESP) system is designed for commonly encountered well environments. It features a basic yet robust and field-proven conventional design that is ideal for high-water-cut oil wells, coalbed methane wells, and dewatering applications. Upgrade options are offered for more difficult applications, customized for more resilience to corrosion, abrasion, and solids.

Deploy an ESP with stringent quality control

All EZLine systems are manufactured at an ISO 9001–certified facility in accordance with stringent Schlumberger quality requirements and tested as per API recommended practices. Qualified personnel and rigorous field service procedures ensure successful application and field deployment of the system, contributing to extended electric submersible pump run life.

Simplified, yet robust ESP system design

EZLine system comprises several staged centrifugal pump sections and is configurable to suit production and wellbore characteristics.

  • MONEL K-500 shafts are standard, and MONEL or INCONEL shafts are available for higher-head applications.
  • Tungsten carbide radial bearings provide additional shaft assembly stability.
  • Ni-Resist cast pump stages increase durability and corrosion resistance.
  • Standard intake or rotary gas separator choice depends on the amount of free gas.

EZLine system protectors have a modular design and combine labyrinth and positive seal chambers. Protectors may be connected in series or parallel for optimal motor protection. An optional tandem protector connection provides additional redundancy.

The system's motors have a high-temperature polyimide motor windings to prevent material degradation. Unique self-locking antirotation rotor bearings prevent bearing spinning. They are optimized for use in cool (200-degF) or medium (250-degF) temperature well environments.

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